Vote for us! – UPDATE

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Vote for us! – UPDATE
The contest is over! We ended public voting in first place with over 1,000 votes. Thank you to all of our friends and family who voted. Unfortunately, Tracy didn’t pick me as the winner but did give us a very sweet mention on her website. When I told Ethan we didn’t win, he climbed on my lap with a big smile and said “I’m still happy” while giving me hugs and kisses. He is a shining example of an unbreakable spirit! He gives me so much inspiration and motivation to do my best.

I’ve entered to win a week long detox retreat with a celebrity trainer and I need your vote!

I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis program for a year now. When Ethan was first diagnosed with leukemia I spent a lot of time just winging it without much routine exercise. Life was pretty crazy and I just had to give myself grace. But the last few months I’ve been back in my exercise routine and feeling great! Every time I start to wimp out I just look at my son and say to myself “What is your excuse?” and push harder. He is inspiring to say the least.

Back to the contest…. Tracy Anderson asked people to post photos of their healthy lifestyle. So Ethan and I made a montage of how we stay healthy during our hospital stays. All you have to do is vote for our picture on Tracy Anderson’s Facebook/Instagram contest. She will pick the winner from the top ten photos. So my goal is to get in the top ten! If I’m being honest I really, really want to win. There is no doubt I need a week long detox in The Hamptons (!!!) but I can’t do it without you! So this is the part where I beg ask for your help!

You don’t have to download any special app or enter your email address…. Just login to your Facebook account, visit this link and click “like” above the photo: HTTP://WWW.TRACYDETOX.COM/S/332/

Will you vote for us and forward to your friends too? You can bet that if I win I will use it to represent Team Ethan in a big way and promote cancer research however I can!

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  1. I just wanted to say that you are the strongest boy I have met had the chance to meet you at wild bufflo wing! Both you and your family are amazingly strong inspiring people around. Thank you Ethan. I wish nothing but luck and good things to you guys.!! :)

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