Things Are Good!

» Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Updates | 2 comments

We had wonderful lab results on Monday. Ethan’s ANC rose to a safer level allowing him to be a bit more social. We had friends over and went out to dinner and that has lifted his spirits considerably. His platelets and white blood cell counts have also bumped up a bit. So far he hasn’t had more than a mild (99.4) fever since we’ve been home from the hospital. Overall I would say that considering he is having toxic chemicals infused once a week, he is doing great! The hardest part right now is keeping him fed. The boy wants meat. From 9am to 9pm…. meat, meat, meat. Not just a hot dog but steak, crab, fried chicken, etc. It’s pretty difficult to keep up with his appetite and I’m ever so grateful that my mother is here.

On March 1st we are getting a major diagnostic test done called MRD (minimal residual disease). This is such an important indicator of treatment success and prognosis. We are praying that the MRD would come back “negative”. We should also be getting the cytogenic report back which shows the different genetic mutations of the leukemia. All of these things combined will give us a better picture of Ethan’s diagnosis and help the doctors pick his treatment schedule with greater accuracy.


  1. Praise the Lord for the lab results! Continuing to pray for you and your family…

  2. Give the boy meat! I am so happy Ethan’s treatments are doing what they need to do. Wonderful progress.

    Love and blessings,

    Aunt Marti

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