A New Beginning

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Our “big kahuna” test results came back and they were as good as they could possibly be. The MRD test is 1,000 times more sensitive than simply viewing bone marrow under a microscope. It can detect 1 leukemic cell in a million healthy cells. In Ethan’s bone marrow sample they couldn’t find a single leukemic cell. There are no words to describe how these test results make me feel. I want to take a victory lap like Brandi Chastain at the 1999 FIFA World Cup. My heart feels so full it could explode with the force of a collapsing star. I’m completely and totally overwhelmed with emotion. I just keep repeating to myself “My son is in remission!” and I can’t help but cry and laugh at the same time.

The significance of these results is huge. Ethan has (maybe I should start saying “had”) T-Cell ALL. It is one of the rarer types of leukemia. It is harder to treat, more likely to be resistant to chemotherapy and more likely to relapse. In other types of leukemia there are several factors that can increase the chance of event free survival. In T-Cell ALL the only one with clinical significance is this day 29 MRD. Because Ethan’s leukemia can no longer be detected, his chance of event-free survival is in the high 90th percentile as long as he completes treatment (three full years of chemotherapy). Most T-Cell ALL kids do not achieve zero MRD by the end of induction; Ethan’s results are truly a miracle. We are exceptionally blessed, completely thrilled and full of joy. We give the glory to God for his miraculous healing! I would also like to acknowledge and thank the dozens of employees at Children’s Hospital who have taken such beautiful care of us and the researchers around the world who work tirelessly for a cure.

In conclusion I want to ask you:
Do you know Jesus?
Do you know that He loves you?
Do you know you were designed to know Him in a deep and personal way?

Maybe you have been searching for something “more”. Maybe deep down you have a sense that there has to be a more fulfilling purpose to this life. If so, I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you about love so deep you can’t fathom it… miracles so astounding you can’t comprehend them… a meaning for your existence so profound it’s going to take you places you never dreamed. Put away the cultural hangups, mute the cynicism and just let your heart feel the calling of His love. He wants you, every funky, yucky part of you. He is a good God, full of compassion for you. I’m personally inviting you to call me (425-750-4759) or email me (emilyfontes@me.com) any time of the day or night if you want to talk about Jesus. Or you can talk to my son, Ethan, about Jesus. This kid will blow your mind with his simple faith. My son, who is beating leukemia, doesn’t doubt God’s love for him. Never once has he asked “why me, mommy”. He’s just living in the fullness of God’s grace, loving everyone around him, telling people who ask him why he is bald “I have cancer and Jesus is healing me”. If this little man doesn’t convince you of the love of Jesus, I don’t know what will.


  1. Amazing Grace! You are so blessed and are such a blessing in return. I had tears of sadness when I was first introduced to your post (via Sharon Muza) and now have tears of JOY! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  2. Glorious. Simply glorious.

  3. Emily, thank you for your example and your living tesimony of what it means to be cradled in the hand of God. You and your family are a blessing and inspiration to so many…I celebrate being a part of the family of God with sisters and brothers such as you.
    All my love,

  4. Emily – I am so so overwhelmed with happiness for you and Ethan and your entire family. I am sorry you all have to travel this road of treatment but I am so glad that in the midst of it you have been blessed with the best of such a difficult situation. Reminds me of an old song that says,
    “Cursing the quest
    Courting disaster
    Measureless nights forbode
    Moments of rest
    Glimpses of laughter
    Are treasured along the road”.

    May the road continue to be one of joy and the exasperation be behind you!

  5. Precious Emily…your words touched my heart and deep with in my soul. I know that nothing happens to a child of God that doesn’t filter through HIS hands first. I am praying for the souls who come to know Jesus through this journey you are on. I know by fasting and praying which I am so blessed to do I draw closer to Jesus and have tied a knot and am hanging on for the ride. May you see seeds that the Holy Spirit plants be watered and nourshied by what your family in enduring. I love you and I love all in your family. God bless you each and everyone . Heavenly Father God please send special sparkels of joy for the Fontes Family and the Glyer family when they least expect them. With much love, hugs, and praying on through this journey until the miracle is complete or God takes me home. You are a blessing and a courageous MOM!!! Love you Cathy : )

  6. I can’t even express how happy this makes me. God is so good. All the praise and the glory be to him!!!

  7. Dearest Em, I wept tears of joy as I read your post. Ethan is such a brave young man and you a remarkable mom. I am thankful to God for His unfailing love and say hallelujah that there were ZERO leukemic cells.

  8. Praise the Lord!!!

  9. Oh Emily! My heart could burst with the joy of your good news. Praise God! And Ethan, keep believing…God is truly doing a miracle that will bring many to Him.
    In one week I will be running the LA Marathon to honor you, Ethan and to raise money to fund children’s cancer research. I know there will be times when I hurt and feel like giving up. When that happens I will look at your picture on my singlet and pray for a little more strength and keep going just like you have. Anyone who would like to donate can go to https://waystohelp.stjude.org/sjVPortal/public/displayUserPage.do?programName=heroes&eventId=189646&userId=778096

  10. Wow! Totally inspiring. All things are possible with God. He is using you and Ethan in a mighty way so that others may see His greatness.

    Emily, you and Ethan are a blessing to so many.

  11. WOW ETHAN, GOD IS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!! Gramma and Grampa were so elated to read you’re mommas last post. THANK YOU JESUS! We relish every opportunity to to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Savior! This has been one of the hardest!!!! Thank you Emily for your care and commitment. We have been so blessed watching you as you navigate this trial in your life. How do people do it without the Lord? I’m in awe of HIS grace and Healing Power!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU. Justin, you’re amazing too! It’s obvious that your strength is in the Lord!! He will keep you as you seek Him!

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