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Acts of Kindness

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I’m certain I share with many of you a deep sadness over the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. It has been a mingle of emotions for me: shock, anger, numbness. We have experienced so much grief in the last three years I sometimes wonder how much more I can process. When my brother was suddenly and tragically killed on January 29, 2010 it felt like my world fell out of orbit. There was no warning, no saying goodbye, no time to prepare my heart. Just pure, unadulterated pain. An empty hole. When my son was diagnosed with leukemia on February 1, 2012 it was different. A slow, persistant undertone of fear. I’ve stared down the possibility of losing my son for almost a year now. It’s like an aching tug on my heart. As if I can feel the pull of...

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Just wanted to update you about Ethan’s treatment. We are well into maintenance chemotherapy now. He receives different oral chemotherapy medication daily, weekly & monthly. Plus IV and spinal chemotherapy monthly. We are getting used to the routine and it’s nice to know that it will be exactly the same thing until we finish on May 14, 2015. Recently Ethan’s liver freaked out and we had to take 10 days off chemo. Fortunately it seems to be back on track and handling things well now. He continues to amaze me with his great attitude. He always reminds me as he is getting ready for bed that he needs his medicine and he happily goes to appointments for blood checks. Mostly he is very proud of all the hair he is growing!! Thank you for your...

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